No loving father should be childless...

Ballard County Attorney Vicki Hayden, Officer Trent Grief, and Ballard County Sherriff’s Department participate in extortion scheme by Mike Oakley’s estranged wife Amie J Oakley.



On December 12, 2009 Mike Oakley met his estranged wife Niece/ Aime J Oakley with plans of attending a Christmas party with her. Mike and Niece were trying to patch up their broken marriage. Mike was a few minutes late and Niece was angry, again. Mike saw the night was not going to work and was leaving which infuriated Niece. Niece demanded a divorce once again and then demanded Mike pay her $30,000 dollars immediately or told him she would have him arrested. Mike refused and started to leave again. Niece made good on her promise.  She attacked Mike as he was leaving scratching and biting him. When Mike finally got into his truck and locked the door she continued to beat on the truck and windows as Mike drove away. Mike did nothing to harm Niece even in defense of her brutal attack. Niece did not have a scratch on her!  Pictures of Mike enclosed.


Niece then filed a false police report with the help of Officer Trent Grief. It is alleged that Niece and Trent “know each other very well”. Officer Grief then knowingly filed the false charge against Mike of fleeing a law officer which is a First Degree Felony. This is the act of evading capture by police such as a high speed auto chase. Mike had peacefully driven off from the scene immediately and never saw any police officers.


Niece and every other woman in western Kentucky knows how the system works and knows there will be no legal repercussions for filing false reports. Niece then called Mike’s foreman at TVA and reported the same false story and that Mike was dangerous and armed. TVA police searched Mike’s truck and TVA police escorted Mike from the property. Mike was restricted from the job site and suspended without pay. TVA then started the process which leads to Mike’s termination of his job over nothing more than state sponsored harassment and extortion. Aside from the humiliation and embarrassment Mike had to attend physiological evaluations and came close to permanently losing his job.


Mike and every man in Kentucky is helpless to defend himself against such charges.


The following Monday I, Mike East accompanied Mike to the county attorney and sheriff’s office were Mike produced the pictures of his attack and told what happened to the county attorney and sheriff. Mike was arrested and prosecuted anyway.  The county attorney Vicki Hayden refused to file charges against the true attacker or take any action against Niece for filing false charges. Ballard County Attorney Vicki Hayden stated it was a “conflict of interest” for her to file any charges against the woman.


All charges against Mike were dismissed immediately at the hearing.


Niece made the county attorney and sheriff look completely incompetent, and used both of them in her scheme to extort the $30,000 from Mike. This type of blackmail and extortion is used frequently across Western Kentucky. Restraining orders are referred to as a “Slam Dunk” by the legal community meaning there is no defense against them and are completely destroying public trust in our courts and law enforcement.


This type of participation in extortion by state employees is in violation of federal law.

TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 241 and 242,


Mike has filed a lawsuit against the county for the false arrest and the counties participation in this extortion scheme.