"Family Court" was a social experiment that went horribly wrong. Fathers were removed from the family unit at an unprecedented rate. Statistics have shown the detrimental effect that the removal of the head of the household had on the family unit and the effect that it had on the United States at large.

    Many great men have stood up for the rights of American Families. Men such as Henry Jeffries and Mike East (former Presidents of, Dick Doyle (Men’s Defense Association)… The list of men that stood their ground is long but most of them in the early days, had to stand alone and/or in small groups. They stood their ground on our behalf and - Glory be to God - now the importance of Fatherhood is more commonly being recognized. God bless these men for their COURAGEOUS nature!


God guide the current members of Kentucky Fathers so that we can hold the ground gained by those that came before us and as we continue to strive for a court system that honors you - OUR FATHER. God help us be observant as we monitor the courts and map every Judge, Lawyer, Social Worker, and family rehabilitation program in Kentucky. Give us the wisdom to recognize the beneficial individuals so that they can receive the recognition they deserve and the strength to recognize and weed out quickly those that cause devastation to our family units that are the fabric of our country.
      United We Stand - Divided We Fall     One Nation Under God      
 - New site will be online following our next meeting in Louisville, KY @ Southeast Christian Church - 6pm November 14th, 2014

Note: Per, Mike East, James Samples of Paducah, KY is acting President until which time it is officiated at the November meeting.

James Samples can be reached at (270) 210-2892