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File a Motion or Complaint Yourself

Make sure you keep a copy of all complaints in a safe place.


 To file a complaint against a judge, call or write to the following.


   Judicial Conduct Commission

   P.O. Box 21868

   Lexington, KY 40522

   Phone: 859-233-4128


  To file a complaint against an attorney, call or write to the following.


   Angela Hood, Intake Paralegal

   Kentucky Bar association

   515 West Main Street

   Frankfort, KY 40601

   Phone: 502-564-3795 ext. 261



3.  If you have convincing evidence of bias by a Judge, tapes, statements with witnesses from whom you can get sworn affidavits, etc. send them with a cover letter to.


   Western District of Kentucky (W/KY)

   U.S. Marshal: Ronald R. McCubbin

   U.S. Courthouse

   601 W Broadway - Room 162

   Louisville, KY 40202                                                                                                                            Phone 502-588-8000


 If you have convincing evidence of bias by a State Agency, tapes, statements with witnesses from whom you can get sworn affidavits, etc. send them with a cover letter to.


   Office of the Attorney General

   The Capitol, Suite 118

   700 Capitol Avenue

   Frankfort, KY 40601-3449


   To file a complaint on Department of Children and Family Services:


   Dr. Eugene Foster

   Undersecretary for Children and Family Services

   275 East Main Street

   Frankfort,     KY  40621


   Michael J. Robinson


   Cabinet for Health and Families Services

   275 East Main Street

   Frankfort,     KY  40621


   Judicial Misconduct:


   The following are some types of Judicial Misconduct that may lead to discipline:         Improper Influence                  


   Allowing family, social, or political relationships to influence judicial decision making.  Conflict of interest. Giving or receiving gifts, bribes, loans, or favors.  Improper Courtroom Decorum  Improper conduct while on the bench, such as sleeping or drunkenness. Expressions of bias based on race, gender, ethnicity, etc.                   Rude, abusive, and otherwise improper treatment of parties, counsel, witnesses, jurors, court staff, and others. Other Improper or Illegal Activities Including Off-Bench Conduct  Failing or refusing to dispose promptly of judicial business. Abusing the contempt power. Interfering with the attorney-client relationship.Communicating improperly with only one-side to a proceeding.        Commenting on or interfering with a pending or impending case. Engaging in improper political campaign activities. Misappropriating or misusing public property, funds, or resources. Violating rules relating to court administration. Obstruction of justice, perjury, or filing a false document. Ticket fixing. Criminal Conduct.      


   The West's rules are now available online on the kycourts website.     


   The following complaint was filed against Family Court Judge Cynthia Sanderson on November 19, 2005 with the persons and agencies listed at the end of this document.



   Fathers Asking To Have Equal Rights


   November 19, 2005

   To: Whom it may concern

   Re: Judicial misconduct in Western Kentucky

   The following are complaints against Family Court Judge Cynthia Sanderson and her inner circle of lawyers in McCracken County Kentucky.

   1. Judge Sanderson is identifying FATHERS members in her court before degrading them, and ruling harshly against them. This type of political discrimination is prohibited.

   2. Local lawyers are telling FATHERS members that the reason they lost in front of Judge Sanderson is because of their involvement in the FATHERS group. This type of political discrimination is prohibited

   3. Judge Sanderson has intimidated members of FATHERS board via email. This is a misuse of the judge’s power.

   4. Court video tapes of Judge Sanderson are being altered. One of our member’s, (involved in complaint number one), had his video tape altered. Judge Sanderson became so angry she broke a pencil after the mother’s lawyer showed the judge a copy of a court order signed by Judge Sanderson on the FATHERS web site. This incident was not on the court video given to this FATHERS member by the clerk. Altering court videos is strictly prohibited.

   5. One FATHERS member’s lawyer told her that she would not remind Judge Sanderson of a statement that the Judge made at one of our meetings in regard to awarding parenting time to the non-custodial parent in place of day care watching the child because “I want to continue practicing law in western Kentucky”. Judge Sanderson has intimidated local lawyers to the point they can no longer fairly represent their client.

   6. The local newspaper, The Paducah Sun, refuses to run FATHERS meeting announcements. FATHERS is a non-profit support group for non-custodial parents. FATHERS vice-president was told by the paper this was because of pressure from local attorneys. This is just one example of inappropriate out of court behavior.

   7. Judge Sanderson has written visitation guidelines and then enforced them as if they were KRS. Judges are forbidden from writing and enacting law.

   8. Judge Sanderson refused to postpone a hearing when one of FATHERS members lawyer did not appear at the hearing. This particular member is struggling financially. Socioeconomic discrimination is routine in Judge Sanderson’s court.

   9. Judge Sanderson has stated publicly that her court does not recognize the mental and emotional form of child abuse known as PAS, parental alienation syndrome. It is inconceivable that a family court judge overlooks any form of child abuse. (This statement was made at one of FATHERS meetings Judge Sanderson attended in front of fifty plus witnesses.)

   10. Judge Sanderson is verbally abusive to non-custodial parents in her court, telling them such things as, “they are a fool to be in her court without a lawyer”. This type of behavior on the bench is forbidden by the judicial code of conduct.

   11. It appears Judge Sanderson has hired a former public relations representative of the City of Paducah and put her on the state payroll in order to bolster Judge Sanderson’s public standing and promote the judge’s pet projects. This is an inappropriate use of state funds.

   12. In many cases it is clear that Judge Sanderson has already decided the outcome of the hearing before it ever starts by the biased fashion in which she admits or discredits evidence and witnesses. Dee Gordy’s hearing is a good example. (see

   Numerous complaints and appeals have been filed with the Judicial Conduct Commission, and the Court of Appeals against Judge Sanderson. We believe that the lack of action from these two judicial bodies is in part due to Judge Sanderson’s close personal and political ties with members involved in both, and the “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” attitude that has become such a part of a system that relies on “lawyers overseeing the judicial system of lawyers”.

   We are asking for an investigation into the current lack of action by the Judicial Conduct Commission, and the Court of Appeals, as well as effective alternatives to a system that is just plain broken.



   Mike East

   Vice-President, FATHERS

   1673 Hamburg Rd.

   Kevil, KY 42053


   c.c. Governor Ernie Fletcher, First Lady Glenna Fletcher, Lt. Governor Stephen Pence, Office of the Attorney General, Peter Baniak Lexington Herald Leader, Jim Malone Louisville Courier Journal, Michael Powell Kentucky Publishing Inc., Justice William Graves, State Representative Steven Rudy, Mayor Bill Paxton City of Paducah, Amy Watson News Channel 6, U.S. Marshal Ronald R. McCubbin, Judicial Conduct Commission, Office of the Auditor of Public Accounts Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kentucky General Assembly

   Enclosed: Copies of the first two FATHERS meeting announcements the Paducah Sun newspaper refused to run.

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